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Lukas Behnken is currently traveling the world for interviews and will be back in the USA going across the country with a production trailer and truck and team, producing a new documentary I Hate You, partnered with Winter Star Productions, Derrick Warfel. He is also producing the 2nd unit USA Team for Alejandro Monteverde’s The Sound of Freedom.

Behnken is the founder and creative producer of Sterling Light Productions, a production company that creates provocative, insightful feature films and documentaries. The films address the nature of the human heart—with an emphasis on compassion, forgiveness, and generosity. As a producer, Behnken thrives on turning ideas into reality and has received praise and recognition for his ability to solve insurmountable challenges in all phases of production.

Sterling Light Productions’ first feature, Mully (2015), was an award-winning documentary depicting the extraordinary rags-to-riches success story of Charles Mully, chronicling his work with disadvantaged youth in Kenya and the creation of his organization Mully Children’s Family. Behnken was involved in all phases of production on location in Africa, and he then spearheaded the distribution campaign. They released on an estimated 1000 screens through a Fathom Event on a 3 nights. They had an encore event due to the success of the initial release. He created the first of its kind social movement initiative with the release of Mully, having foster and adoption agency ambassadors placed in theaters across the country to connect those moved by the film become involved in fostering children. The story was so inspiring to Lukas and his wife Katherine that they themselves became passionate about helping orphaned children, and along with their two biological children, they now have a foster son and hope to one day adopt more children.

After Mully, Lukas returned to Africa to produce Zawadi, an award-winning short film that was the official selection of the Seattle International Film Festival in 2015.  That same year, Lukas produced and acted in the immersive web series The Well, which became a sci-fi phenomenon.

Lukas was a founding member and manager of The Sherry Theater Center for Performing Arts in the North Hollywood Arts District for ten years, helping co-founder and actor Scott Haze transform the once-derelict computer store into the thriving black box theater it is today.

Besides his work as a producer, Lukas has been a professional working actor since 1998, acting in numerous television shows and films. IMDB