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Global production services and social action
movement creators —
Whatever your need, we have someone.

  • Make your movie from concept to completion -  Produce
  • Make your movie on location and/or on set  - Unit Production Manager, Production Supervisor, Line Producer
  • Develop your movie idea into a script outline. - Development
  • Create documentaries from powerful stories using old footage, new interviews and additional filmed visual scenarios. Directing
  • Create a MovieMagic Schedule & Budget for your script to raise financing and plan your film shoot. Line Producing /  Pre-Production
  • Polish scripts to tighten your story and your Schedule & Budget.  Polishing
  • Talk with you about you producing your film project. - Creative Consultant
  • Help you complete your unfinished film. Post Production Producer / Supervisor
  • Determine Distribution Plan and intention for social action campaign designed around the purpose of your project - Distribution

From full length features to short videos and trailers, both narrative and documentary -
we’ll make it easy and we’ll make it happen by serving people first. 

We would love to know you

Thank you for connecting!

We will connect back with you shortly. 

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