Whatever you can do, or dream you can do,
begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.
Begin it now.

We are currently in development of the feature film version of the story of Charles Mully. This film is our next project in line for production.
The Oaks Remain:
The Simulacrum Saga

In a world divided by blood and race, Veralee Harper comes of age under the guardian oaks of her family's isolated plantation in southern Alabama in 2040. Red Oaks stands frozen in time, a haven for Simulacrum people for generations, against the chaotic world of the Friguscor. Life quickly unravels when her own split second decision breaks the Simulacrum law she is bound to keep. The blood moons have begun, the watchers have returned and war with the cold-hearts, the Friguscor seems inevitable.

As she struggles to reconcile deep love for her family and loyalty to her people with the reality she is coming to know and the love she finds for a mysterious man, she realizes she is marked by more than the tseeyen on her arm. Many have a plan for Veralee Harper, but only she can decide which way it will end.

Mosquita Rita

Mosquita Rita is a project that we acquired from Sue Alexander. It started as a set of 20 songs that Sue performed to children for a number of years. Then it became a novel that she penned along with the songs and cartoon drawings of the characters. The intention is to create an animated feature that incorporates all of the story elements.As sleeping eggs awaken to darkness and strange sounds of a rushing train, they quickly adapt to their environment as wrigglers in water atop a wooden barrel on the train. Gloria is the oldest of the mosquito clan, Rita the youngest. Rita learns many lessons from her wiser, older sister Gloria and is devastated when Gloria sacrifices her life to save the others. After the clan escapes the assault of a housefly by falling into another barrel below, they grow tired and enter the resting stage.

The story is funny, educational, song-filled and suspenseful. Please contact if interested in partnership or collaboration on this project.