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Lora Donaldson


Lora Donaldson holds a B.S. in Business Marketing from Azusa Pacific University and is a Writer and Creative. Lora also attended school in New Zealand at the University of Auckland furthering her studies in Business and Cross-Cultural dynamics. She is a former NCAA Water Polo player and is actively involved in youth outreach. Lora began working for Sterling Light Productions in 2017 on the docudrama Mully. She helped promote the Adopt a Theater Initiative, which invited adoption and foster agencies to set up a booth at their local theater premiering Mully, and collaborated with 45 agencies across 25 states engaging over 600 volunteers for 2 different Fathom release events. The event covered over 300 theaters and fulfilled Charles Mulli’s wishes for the film to inspire viewers to look to their own backyard to help children who need a forever home.

The theme to change the world, one life at a time, captured Lora’s heart and she continued with Sterling Light Productions in 2018 for their newest documentary titled I Hate You. An avid researcher, Lora dived in to finding and connecting with multiple individuals with powerful stories to share. Currently she is the production coordinator overseeing operations on the documentary and is Executive Assistant to Producer Lukas Behnken. Lora’s passion for film has always been at the forefront. She believes stories change lives and the most impactful and cross-cultural medium to share stories is film.

When she is not working you can find Lora hiking the mountains or jumping in the waves. She was dubbed ‘Lora the Explorer’ by her teammates because of her avid habit of wandering off to check out a cool salamander or other interesting thing of nature. Her sense of wonder is a present reminder that anything is possible. She loves tea and curling up with a good book and is currently writing her first fiction adventure series.

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